Build Your Survey Form using our form builder tool from drag and drop interface or using Excel whichever suits your needs.


Download the form device and take survey in the field offline using our android app or ios app. After collection upload to our secure server


Track your enumerators in the field using our built-in geo tracking feature to check the authenticity of data.


Monitor your data and users realtime, download and export the data on the go and change the strategies throughout the survey.

Our Mission

Our mission to deliver the best user experience in terms of data capturing without sacrificing the accuracy and trust of data source using our service. The company taking the survey should focus on the data itself without worrying too much about the complexity of technology and genuinety of the data gathered.


Survey Saturn App Home Screen
step 4 offline recording survey
step 5 take survey app screen
step 6 upload the collected data to server


Survey saturn odk alternate tool

We provide full customization of ODK collect, KOBO toolbox and Survey Saturn.

Survey Saturn aims to provide the better management of data gathered in the field using app base technology. Our products work offline in the field and collect all the data during the survey and allow users to send the data whenever data connection is available. Our Product saves time and money at least 5x than the traditional pen-paper survey. Survey Saturn is developed in collaboration with some of the best companies having issues in the traditional method of data collection or having tough time in understanding the other tools available in the market.
Survey Saturn is a product of Kalpvaig © and made with industries most cutting edge technology for the mobile platform that is Flutter. Our team of engineers listens to every feedback from our customers to make this platform more usable and easy to use for the other companies out there.