I want to try the product, is there any option for that?

Yes, you can try our product with 15 day trial with the number of exports restricted to 200 submissions.

Can I use the trial version to perform a real survey in the field?

Yes, you can do that but the server on trial version has a limited bandwidth and also the data export options freezes on expiration of trial version.

Is there any tutorial to build form using advance excel editor?

Yes, you can follow the playlist: https://youtube.com/kalpvaig/survey-saturn-playlist . We have demonstrated some sample apps for generic and some specific logic to build.

Which is the best option for me a) ODK b) Survey Saturn or c) Survey CTO ?

You can choose whichever platform you want, however our services valid only for Survey Saturn platform.

Where can I download Xcelormer app to upload excel form to the portal?

You can download the app from our Downloads Section: http://surveysaturn.in/downloads/

How can I download data from phone directly if there is no internet connection in the phone?

You can export all the data from phone to internal storage and follow the path in successful export of data. You can also side load the data to server from this exported format.