Access extensive online help, sample forms, and our online Support Center whenever you need help.Professional subscribers can submit support requests to our knowledgeable



We are a mission-driven company funded by – and accountable to – our users. We make decisions based on their needs, not the whims of donors or VCs.



We host all Survey Saturn subscribers on fixed, stable Linux servers that we maintain ourselves. We do not use a platform like Google App-engine that changes over time.




Survey Saturn server console comes integrated with extensive online help and a library of sample forms, getting started is easy.The list of features below is by no means comprehensive, but we hope it will provide a helpful introduction to what Survey Saturn can help you accomplish.

Key Features

You don’t need to be a developer or to hire an expensive consultant to design a smarter survey. Survey Saturn has been built to have the features you need, a friendly user interface, and the ability to analyze your data as it streams in. Here are some of our favorite features

Security Features

Protect your data, your subjects, and your reputation. SurveySaturn supports multiple layers of encryption and redundancy – from your device all the way to our secure servers:

Reliability Features

Once you have built, tested, and deployed a survey, we know that it has to keep working – without fail, without change, without surprises – for its entire life (which may be years!). Here’s how we make that happen:

Learn more about how Survey Saturn works, our integration, or our users. Or better yet, just try Survey Saturn for yourself!

Survey Saturn is based on Open Data Kit (ODK), the most powerful and widely-used open source platform for data collection. We took ODK as our foundation and then added hundreds of improvements, hosting, documentation, and support, in order to increase its reach, usability, and power. Learn about how to compare Survey Saturn with other platforms.