Connect your Survey lake data to hundreds of external systems – including Salesforce, Gmail, Office 365, Twilio, and many, many others – thanks to a direct integration with Zapier.

Google Sheets

Stream collected data from your server to Google Sheets, Google’s spreadsheet web service. Create your own dashboards, tables, and charts that update automatically as new data is collected. Even embed these live charts on other websites.

Google earth

Visualize your data in map form – but offline, on your system, so that your geographic and other data remains absolutely safe. Survey lake even makes it easy to split your data into easy subsets for viewing separately, like when you want to view mapped data separately by district, village, or survey team.

Google Fusion Table

Stream collected data from your server to Google Fusion Tables, a web service designed by Google for gathering, visualizing, and sharing data tables. Create tables and maps that update automatically as you collect and upload new data.


Survey lake Sync, our desktop software, is integrated with Microsoft Excel so that you can export and merge data to an existing Excel file on your computer. Clean raw data in Excel, and create dashboards, tables, and charts in your Excel file that update automatically each time you run Survey lake Sync to import new data.


Survey lake will write out .do file templates for you, which will import, re-shape, and label your data. The templates will also convert dates and times into Stata’s internal format and provide a system for safely merging and even correcting incoming data.


If you need automated, programmatic access to your data, you can access the ODK Briefcase API that lets you pull data in XML format. Premium subscribers can also access our Restful API for pulling data in .csv or JSON format, directly from the server, or use web hooks to stream data in real-time.


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