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Consult with our support service to explain how our system works.

Here are some of our unique feature set of technologies used in the system.

Survey Saturn Server

A central repository for both blank and filled-in survey forms and a website to assist you in designing and managing your surveys. It also provides a universal web interface for users filling out forms online.

Survey Saturn Collect

An Android app that data-collectors use to fill out forms on their Android phones or tablets. After data has been collected, it is uploaded to the Survey Saturn server (or, for more advanced offline set-ups, synchronized over local WI-fi networks).

Survey Saturn Sync

A desktop application that you can use to safely download, transport, export, and process your data. It also handles data decryption – including on cold-room computers for the most sensitive data.

Survey Saturn Data Explorer

A built-in data monitoring and visualization tool that enables you to quickly review your data – even your encrypted data – as it comes in, right in your browser.